10 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

While working in the field or during other outdoor activities, it is important to wear the right footwear. Those who have wide feet often have difficulty finding the best work boots that fit well and provide the necessary support.

As we know, wide feet have a large volume, which means that the foot takes up more space inside the boot. So wearing boots with a wide toe box will allow your toes to move freely and prevent them from being crammed inside the boot. And it will protect your feet from injury and help you walk comfortably and efficiently

Moreover, your feet have to bear a lot of pressure throughout the day, so we researched the best work boots for wide feet and compiled a list of our top picks. We tested each element of the listed work boots, so you won’t face any problems after choosing them.

We’ve researched over 27 websites, tested almost 18 work boot brands, and read hundreds of customers’ reviews and feedback to compile this roundup blog post for you.

Overall we have spent almost 78 hours on research to bring all the relevant information required to pick the best work boot for your wide feet and save your valuable time for tiring research.

If you are new to choosing work boots then must read these Essential Features Of Work Boots For Wide Feet first. Or read the FAQs section to learn more about it.

Best Work Boots For Wide Feet  – Our Top Picks

The work shoes for wide feet allow you to perform your work duties with ease and comfort.  So, if you are a person with wide feet, it is important to get the best work boot pair. The following are the top 10 reviews of work boots that we recommend.

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

Key Features

  • High-quality Leather material
  • Supports your feet and returns energy
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Slip-and-oil resistant soles

The Timberland boots are great for wide feet because the soles are very flexible and are designed to help your feet with walking. In terms of comfort, the boots are featured a lot of comfort and support.

The rubber sole helps you to get a better grip and gives you better traction. The soles are very flexible and have rubber that helps to keep the foot stable and provides a better grip. Also, the boot was built using a leather upper with a nylon lining. The nylon lining helps to keep the boot from stretching.

On top of that, the boots come with a steel toe that provides you with protection from injury. Also, it helps you to stay on your feet even if you are working in a place that is full of debris.

During the testing period, the boots were tested on the slopes and in the woods. The shoes were able to withstand the test and kept on their feet.

The leather meet ANSI safety, which means the boots are safe for people who work on ladders. The abrasion-resistant outsole provides excellent traction, which makes the boots ideal for working in construction. Plus, padded top collars allow you to comfortably wear the shoes all day.

Furthermore, the comfort suspension technology provides a superior comfort level for your feet. Which helps reduce fatigue and provides a better fit for long industrial days.

Is Timberland Pit boots water-proof?

The answer is no. The boot pair is constructed with a rubber outsole that is meant to prevent water from getting in, but if you do get your foot wet, the outsole will begin to degrade and can lead to a pair of shoes that no longer fit. So, if you work in the rain or wet condition, then you should look for a pair of work boots that are waterproof.

Our recommendation:
If you’re looking for a boot pair that will help you at a construction site, then you should go for Timberland Boots. Because the shoe pair is made up of 100% leather. It is durable and will support your feet while working at industrial sites.


  • Flexible and comfortable while working
  • The toe box is wide enough to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes
  • 100% pure leather quality provides great durability
  • Features a slip-resistant and shock-absorbent sole


  • It would be perfect if it’s water-resistant

Finding From Our Testing:
When we tested the Timberland boots, we found that these boots are suitable for concrete and other kinds of hard and uneven floors. As they meet ANSI safety standards and also have an anti-skid design. 

We used these boots for the construction site and found them to be very comfortable. Comfort Suspension technology provides 24-hour comfort for the most rigorous work site demands.

2. Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot

Key Features

  • Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • 100% Waterproof
  • It has a padded collar that adds more comfort
  • Solid construction yet comfortable

The Skechers Men’s Verdict has good quality leather that is responsible for maintaining its shape and support. Plus, the rubber sole allows you to wear the boots in any kind of weather.

Additionally, the sole is also designed to provide traction and stability during work. The material used to make the boot is also responsible for keeping the feet dry. The traction is important because it helps you avoid slipping and falling on a wet surface.

Moreover, the boots also feature a padded collar to provide comfort and additional support to your wide feet. The boot is also designed to be breathable, which allows for better air circulation and reduces the risk of sweating.

When we were testing, we found that the boots were easy to put on and remove. Plus, the boot also provided a good amount of arch support. We also found that the boots were very durable.

Furthermore, the boots come with air-cooled memory foam that will help you stay comfortable while working. The memory foam conforms to the profile of your feet and provides additional support to your upper feet.

Another great feature is that the boot pair is waterproof. This means that the boots are able to withstand water and moisture. You can easily wear the boots while doing outdoor activities.

Our recommendation:
The Skechers Men’s boot is the best shoe for people with wider feet. It has all the features that are necessary for a good work boot. The imported feature provides you with 100% pure quality leather that makes your feet look good and comfy.


  • The comfy rubber sole provides good traction
  • Generously padded collar and tongue
  • Waterproof leather uppers offer you protection in wet conditions
  • Additional comfort comes with an air-cooled memory foam


  • Slightly heavier than some of the other boots in this roundup

Finding From Our Testing:
After using these boots we came to know that they are made up of high-quality leather which is imported. The materials make the boots really attractive and comfortable. And, we feel that they will be comfortable only for the people having bigger foot size as compared to normal people because of their toe.

Moreover, when we tested them in the water, they remained perfectly waterproof and dry. So, no water got inside these boots. The results were fully satisfactory and we loved the boots.

3. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

Key Features

  • 100% Leather boots made in USA
  • Meet Safety standards for high heat and electrical hazard
  • Lightweight and comfortable

In terms of comfort and support, these Irish Setter Boots are designed for the wider foot. The boots featured a leather upper that provides a nice feel. Plus, the rubber sole allows you to wear these boots on a variety of surfaces. While doing work, you make sure to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Additionally, the moc toe design of the boots helps to provide better arch support. Also, the lace-up design allows you to tighten the boots as needed. It also allows you to get on and off quickly. You can wear these boots for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

We have tested the boots, and they have proven to be durable. We have also found that the boots fit very comfortably. The boot pair provides a nice feel and are made from high-quality materials.

Moreover, the rubber EVA-out sole allows you to work in wet and muddy conditions. The sole is heat resistant, which means that you can wear them in a high-heat environment easily.

The leather upper, reinforced stitching and thick sole make a pair durable. By looking at all of these features, I must say the Irish Setter Men’s Boot will last you for a long time.

Will Irish Setter Boots stretch out? The boots are made up of 100% leather material which means they will stretch out a little bit over time.

Our recommendation:
If you’re working in hot weather, these boots are perfect for you. And also, they will keep your feet warm and comfortable during long shifts. Moreover, the boots are imported so that you can be assured of a quality product. 


  • 100% leather outlook provides you with a durability guarantee
  • It has ideal breathability to keep your feet cool and dry all-day
  • With a removable insole you can clean the boots easily


  • Some people find the laces a bit short

Finding From Our Testing:
We have tested the boots, and they have proven to be durable. We have also found that the boots fit very comfortably as the pair provides a nice feel and are made from high-quality materials.
Moreover, we wore these boots for a long time on sunny days for work and did not feel that our feet were getting too hot at all. As it has an EVA outsole that’s heat-resistant and meets ASTM F2413-11 Safety so these are safe footwear for work.

4. Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Work Boot

Key Features

  • Full-cushion removable multishox insole for better comfort
  • Oil resistant and very reliable grip against slip
  • Breathable lining

The Wolverine Men’s Raider Boot provides you will all the comfort and support you need in your work boots. Also, the boot is designed to fit the average American foot.

In addition, the thick cushion helps you to maintain good posture while working long hours. The round toe allows you to have better traction and is more durable than square toe boots. You can easily step in and out by wearing round toe boot-pair.

At the time of testing, we did not experience any blister or discomfort from wearing the boot for an entire workday. We also found that the boots were very comfy and soft. The rubber sole makes the boot very durable and lasts longer than leather boots.

Moreover, the thick padded tongue and collars keep your feet from slipping out. The tongue is so well-padded that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort throughout the day.

There is a sturdy nylon shank that helps to give you the stability and support you need. The boot has an easy-to-use lacing system. You can easily tighten the lacing to get a sung fit and to prevent the boot from slipping.

The removable insole allows you to replace it with a different insole that provides more support to your wide feet. The insole is made of thick, durable, and long-lasting material. It is easy to replace and does not cause any discomfort.

Our recommendation:
If you’re looking for durable, strong, and long-lasting pair of boots. Which allows you to work for a whole day without worrying about a foot injury, discomfort, or pain. Then the Wolverine Raiders Boot is a great choice for you.


  • Comes up with a rubber sole, which proffers great cushioning
  • A reliable grip helps your wide feet from slipping
  • The arch is well-supported through the midsole
  • Featured with multishox lugged rubber outsole


  • Start cracking if you do not properly care for them

Finding From Our Testing:
As we tested Wolverine for several days and it doesn’t show any sign of failure. As this boot provides high-quality and durable leather and it provides the best performance to make our lives comfortable.

Further, we ran and walk in many miles, and also it provided a good grip on the feet as its heel measures approximately 1.25″ and rubber sole. We found that it provides maximum comfort to the feet and it’s very durable as well because of the leather.

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Work Boot

Key Features

  • 100% imported leather
  • Comfortable, and ready to protect your feet for longer hours
  • Heat, Oil, and Slip-resistant

The Timberland PRO is a perfect pair of boots for those who need a more supportive boot. These boots have a mesh lining and non-slip rubber sole. The mesh lining offers you extra breathability and helps keep your feet cool and dry. The non-slip rubber sole keeps you safe in the constructive area. 

Moreover, the soft full-grain leather provides a good grip on the work area. The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit and keeps your foot in place. The nylon diffusion shank provides you with a strong and sturdy base.

The moisture channeling feature helps you stay dry and comfortable. It keeps the water away from your feet. Plus, the lace-up closure helps you keep your foot in place. The open-cell polyurethane cushion footbed provides you with a good and comfortable feeling.

When we were testing, we were impressed with the performance of the Timberland PRO. The mesh lining and the non-slip rubber sole kept us safe and secure. Plus, the safety-toe feature kept our feet protected. 

Furthermore, the nylon diffusion shank helps you stay in place. Take steps with confidence, without worrying about falling or slipping.

Are Timberland PRO safety shoes good?

Yes, these boots are good for you and your foot safety. You can use these boots for construction work, driving, working on the farm, and other activities. They are perfect for long-hour duty. 

Our recommendation:
We must say that the Timberland PRO is one of the best work boots for people with wider feet. The boot pair gives you long-lasting safety and comfort level. You won’t regret your decision


  • The PU-coated leather provides you with a waterproof exterior.
  • The mesh lining is comfortable and breathable.
  • The outsole is slip-resistant and made for rugged terrain.


  • This work boot is expensive on the pocket

Finding From Our Testing:
We found after testing that they were super comfortable. This boot provides support for the ankle and calf, so you don’t have to worry about that part because of its low-profile outsoles designed for superior traction even if you have wide feet.

Also, it’s ergonomically designed, making it easy for your foot to slip in and out of the boot. As we used them in different environments, we noticed they didn’t need any break-in period, which means they would be great for snowboarding. 

6. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Double Comfort 4760 Work Boot

Key Features

  • Handcrafted boots, Made in the USA
  • Electrical Hazard Upto 1800 volts
  • Long Ankle support with double comfort
  • Anti-slip flexible rubber sole

The Justin Original is designed for wide feet workers that need safety and comfort during working hours.. Plus, the boot is 100% leather made which offers you long-lasting durability and the ultimate comfort level.

Additionally, the boot pair is made in the USA and it is totally imported. This feature provides you the more value for your money. Plus, you get the shoes that are built to last.

At the time of testing, we have found that the boot has the quality to protect the worker’s feet up to 1800 volts of energy. We have also found that the boot can withstand heavy foot traffic. This means you don’t have to worry about your work boots getting damaged or worn out.

Another feature we like about the boot is the arch support. The boot is designed with large arch support that provides you the support and comfort that you need. Also, it has a rubber sole that provides you with the traction and protection that you need. Traction is important for workers that have to work on uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, the boot has a double comfort system insole that cushioned the foot. Which helps in reducing the stress and fatigue that you might experience while working.

Our recommendation:
If you’re looking for extra comfortable and soft footwear while doing constructive work. Then the Justin Original is the best choice for you. The pair of boots is a complete package of durability, standard, protection, and comfort.


  • The rubber sole provides better protection against slips and falls.
  • The top-quality leather body gives you extra comfort and support
  • It has a padded collar which prevents debris and dirt from entering the boot
  • The wide range of sizes ensures that you get a perfect fit


  • The laces tend to come undone often

Finding From Our Testing:
After testing we found that shaft measures approximately 10″ from the arch so it is appropriate for all sizes. This makes this pair ideal for both men and women. It can be easily worn while riding or walking around the city or campus.

We also found that it also comes with an adjustable ankle cuff that lets you choose the level of tightness required. A padded collar helps the foot stay snug in place. The toe guard is built to provide adequate support while walking on uneven surfaces. 

7. Dr. Comfort Men’s Boss Diabetic Boots

Key Features

  • Lace-up work boot with rubber sole
  • Gives extra protection with a protective toe box
  • The durable material used for long-lasting use
  • Removable insoles to adjust for wide feet accordingly

If you’re a diabetic person and you need a good pair of boots that allows you to feel comfortable and have a safe working environment, then Dr. Comfort Boot is a perfect match for you.

The boot has oil-resistant outsoles that offer you extra protection from dirt and grease. Plus, the shoe has a removable insole that can be removed to accommodate your own orthotics.

The breathable material allows you to regulate the temperature inside your shoe. Plus, the protective toe box provides you with extra protection from toe stubbing. Due to toe-stubbing, you could suffer from calluses, which could cause pain and other injuries. So, by having a protective toe box, you’re sure to avoid any problems.

When we were testing, we were able to wear the boot for over 12 hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. This means that the boot can be worn all day long easily. Also, we found that the boot has a leather lace-up design that makes it easy to put on and take off.

Furthermore, the leather upper provides you with a secure grip and comfy feel. Plus, the shoe is very easy to clean. The rubber soles offer you extra traction and a smooth walking experience.

Our recommendation:
If you have diabetes, and you need a comfortable and soft boot while working at construction sites. Then, go for Dr. comfort Men’s boot. Because of its great features and benefits, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy wearing the boot. We personally tested the boot and found it to be a great choice.


  • With breathable material, you can keep your feet dry and comfortable while working.
  • The outsole is slip-resistant and has an excellent grip.
  • It has a removable sole to accommodate your orthotics.
  • It has a roomy toe box allowing your feet to move and breathe comfortably.
  • Heat, oil, and water resistant leather material


  • The boot pad is a bit stiff for some users

Finding From Our Testing:
We tested this product based on the feedback from the customer that had bought the product. We personally used it and tested it and this is why we know that it is an amazing product. As its protective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing. It also provides extra protection and cushioning of foot pain. The leather-lined toe box helps in providing comfort while working.

8. WOLVERINE Men’s Harrison Waterproof Lace-Up Steel-Toe EH 6″ Work Boot

Key Features

  • Polyurethane sole for better grip
  • Waterproof nubuck leather upper
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Best choice for construction workers

The WOLVERINE Men’s Work Boot is a heavy-duty work boot that is designed to be worn in the most rugged conditions.  Also, provides you with all the comfort, support, and protection you need.

The footwear is made up of 100% pure leather which is highly durable and soft to the touch. Plus, the polyurethane sole allows you to stand on a surface without worrying about slipping, falling, or getting hurt. The sole is resistant to cracking and peeling.

Moreover, polyurethane is designed to prevent blisters and help reduce friction. The strong grip of boots allows you to perform your job safely and efficiently. In addition, the PK mesh lining keeps the wide feet warm and dry.

What we like the most is the WOLVERINE boots are water-proof. You can work on a water plant or a construction site without worrying about getting wet. The water-proof feature makes it a great choice for a wide foot.

When we were testing, we found that the boot fit well on our wide feet. Plus, the medium tox box kept us safe and comfortable when we were working.

Furthermore, the single density provides you with the right amount of support and comfort level. Plus, the cement construction helps to prevent cuts.

Our recommendation:
If you have wide feet, then the WOLVERINE Men’s Work Boot is a great choice. Plus, the high-quality construction and water-resistant feature make it a great choice for a wide foot.


  • The polyurethane sole offers you great traction
  • This work boot is slip, oil, and abrasion resistant.
  • The PK mesh lining provides you with a comfortable fit
  • Extra comfort comes with a removable footbed
  • Great quality and durable construction


  • It would be better if the laces were a bit longer

Finding From Our Testing:
As we tested WOLVERINE boots, we found that the boot was very comfortable to wear. In fact, they felt light and easy to walk in. Plus, the cement construction helped to prevent cuts and bruises.

We used these boots as their single-density polyurethane midsole gave us the perfect amount of support and comfort. What we liked the most is the WOLVERINE boots were durable. When we were working, we didn’t have any concerns about the durability of the WOLVERINE boots.

9. KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Key Features

  • 100% leather, imported boots
  • Steel toe with lace-up top
  • Waterproof and breathable material
  • Slip-resistant outsole

The KEEN Utility Milwaukee Boot is for you if you have wide feet and need toe protection. The boot comes with an extra-wide toe box to accommodate wide feet. That means that you won’t have to worry about the boots slipping off your feet when you’re working.

Moreover, the hardened rubber cap allows you to keep your feet dry and protected from harmful chemicals and debris. The steel toe is also a plus as it will protect your feet from any kind of accident. The extra-wide toe box, the steel toe, and the waterproof capability are what make this work boot the best for people with wide feet.

The 100% water-proof leather provides you with the best protection from any kind of moisture. You can wear these boots in the rain or when you’re working outside.

When we were testing, we found that the boots are comfortable to wear. They have a very soft lining that provides extra comfort and warmth. They have a good amount of arch support that keeps your feet in place and prevents your feet from cramping.

The non-marking feature allows you to walk and move around freely without worrying about the boots marking the floor. Also, it has good traction that allows you to walk on any kind of surface without slipping.

Furthermore, underfoot protection is another plus. The outsole provides you with the best protection against rocks, sharp objects, and other things that you might encounter when you’re working. Plus, the rubber outsole is heat resistant up to 572 degrees F/300 degrees C. 

Our recommendation:
Overall, I must say KEEN Utility Milwaukee is a great choice for your wide feet. Because it has dual-density EVA Footbed allows you to keep your feet comfortable and supported. And, you get the best arch support. The 90 degrees comfort feature allows your feet to catch and lock in a place.


  • The abrasion-resistant toe offers protection
  • The removable footbed provides anatomically correct support.
  • With dual density EVA footbeds for all-day comfort
  • Extra comfort and support come with a padded collar


  • The steel toe needs to be improved

Finding From Our Testing:
We tested these boots in a harsh environment and found them very well-made. They offer enough ankle support and enough room for your feet to move around freely. The outsole is made of 100% Synthetic leather so looks very nice.

We found that these shoes protect your feet from all kinds of rough surfaces as they have waterproof steel toes which are good for any type of work or outdoor activities.

10. KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot

Key Features

  • Full-grain leather material
  • Steel toe with lace-up top
  • Solid and long-lasting construction

The Keen Utility Work Boot is fully imported which assures you the great quality boot. Plus, the boots are built like a tank that allows you to work and play in them all day. Additionally, the steel toe feature provides you with extra safety. The steel toe is designed to give you the extra protection you need.

Moreover, the toe caps are fully adjustable which makes them easy to put on and take off. The rubber sole is slip-resistant which is great for working in wet conditions.  Also, the boot is designed to provide great comfort to your wide feet.

While testing, we found that the boots were comfortable and provided the support we needed. The boots also provided great traction, which is important for working in wet conditions.

Another feature we like is the leather material. The full-grain leather is 100% water-proof which offers you protection from the elements. Plus, the leather is durable it can stand up to wear and tear easily. At a construction site, you need boots that are durable and long-lasting. This is exactly what you get with the Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot.

Our recommendation:
If you’re looking for budget-friendly pair of boots for wide feet then, the KEEN Utility Milwaukee is the best option for you. The boots are durable and well made. You will get the best value for your money. Plus, you won’t regret your decision.


  • The leather body provides a great look and feel.
  • The steel toe is perfect for those who need extra protection on the job.
  • The removable insole is a nice touch, providing extra comfort to wide feet
  • It has a steel toe that protects your feet against an element
  • The outsole is slip-resistant


  • The price tag is a bit high, but the quality is worth it

Findings From Our Testing:
When we tested KEEN Utility, we were surprised at how much they fit true to size. It is hard to find comfortable boots for wide feet in the market. But, the Keen Utility Milwaukee Boots are just perfect for wide feet! 

Because they are made of waterproof full-grain leather and made with steel toe so they have a great grip on the ground, which makes it easy for you to get into places without slipping or sliding.

Best Work Shoes For Wide Feet – Buying Guide

how to choose work boots for wide feet

While working in a factory or other type of production environment, it is important to have the best work shoes. Because you will be doing a lot of walking and standing, which can put a lot of strain on your wide feet.

Additionally, if you are working in an environment where there are corrosive or dangerous materials present, it is even more important to have the right type of work boots so that you can protect your feet from these materials.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind before choosing the best boots for wide feet:

Quality and Durability

First and most importantly, you want to make sure that the work boots you purchase are of high quality and durable. This is especially important if you will be wearing them for long hours or in tough working conditions.

You don’t want your work boots to fall apart after just a few months or weeks of use. Go for those work boots which are made up of leather or any other tough and sturdy material. Also, check for the stitching to see if it is of good quality.


Mostly work boots come up in small, medium, and large sizes. But if you have wide feet, then you choose the one which is a size larger than your regular shoes.

For example, if you usually wear a size 9 shoe, then you should purchase a size 10 work boot. It will ensure that your feet have enough room to move and breathe inside the boots.

Padded Collar and Insole

If you have wide feet, then you should look for a work boot that has a padded collar and insole.

The size of the padded collar must be large enough so that it can wrap around your ankles snugly without being too tight. And this thing will help to reduce the amount of strain on your feet and will also prevent blisters from forming.


Another important factor to consider before purchasing work boots is traction. You want to make sure that the boots have good traction so that you can prevent slips and falls.

It is important if you will be working in an environment where there are slippery surfaces. Look for work boots that have a lugged outsole so that you can get good traction on all types of surfaces.


As you will be wearing these work boots for long hours, they must be comfortable. Look for those boots which have a padded insole and a cushioned collar.


If you will be working in an environment where there is a lot of water or other liquids present, then you want to make sure that your work boots are waterproof.

This will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable and will also prevent any dangerous materials from getting inside the boots. Many work boots come with a waterproof membrane so that you can get the best protection for your feet.

Safety Features

If you are working in an environment where there are dangerous materials present, it is important to purchase work boots that have safety features.

For example, if you are working with corrosive materials, then you will need to buy boots that have a steel toe cap. This will protect your feet from any heavy objects which may fall on them.

Shape and Style

The round-toe work boots are the most comfortable and offer the most room for your wide feet. But you can also choose from other styles such as the square toe or the chukka boots.

It all depends on your personal preference. Just make sure that the style you choose is comfortable and offers enough room for your feet.



The best work boots for wide feet are the ones that are comfortable and offer support. When you choose the right work boot for your wide feet, you can wear them all day long without having to worry about discomfort or pain.

With wide toe boots, your toes will have plenty of room to spread out, as the toe box is wider. This means that you won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable. You’ll also have the ability to move your toes freely and comfortably.

I would recommend you Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot because these are long-lasting and durable pair of boot, which provides great value for your money.

Moreover, KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee is a great choice for you because it has water-proof and heat-resistant features which are great for working on a construction site.

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